Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love This: VERSA-Green Plantable Retaining Wall

We're putting our April issue to bed today, so things are wild around here! But a press release on the new VERSA-Green Plantable Retaining Wall didn't escape my attention. Our April edition of the Fresh department leads off with a story on Green-Wall designers, and this modular system connects back to that same concept. A homeowner-friendly product, the VERSA-Green is perfect for do-it-yourselfers. VERSA-Green is a modified version of VERSA-LOK’s Square Foot segmental retaining wall system. Each VERSA-Green concrete unit weighs 70 lbs. and covers nearly a full square foot of wall face. Inside each unit is a 6-inch-deep plantable core and a groove across the top to accommodate irrigation tubing that runs across each course parallel to the wall face. The core in each unit is filled with a planting medium and appropriate plants. If irrigation is installed, a drip irrigation nozzle is placed in each unit to keep the plants watered.


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