Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot New Project: Los Angeles residence

Name: Calvin Abe
Title: President
Firm name: AHBE landscape architects
Project location: Los Angeles

How did you first connect with this client?
We were introduced by the interior design architects, Beardsley-Weiss, who knew of our work.

What were the client’s primary desires for his/her garden?
The client’s primary desire was to create an idea of “simplicity”. The question proposed to us was “how can we create beauty with the least number of materials?”

Any interesting obstacles to achieving the dream?
Importing 20 tons of river washed stone to a garden located on a hillside.

What are your favorite elements of the garden?
My favorite element of the garden is the “entry Ginkgo grove”.

What does the client say now that the project is done?
The garden has matured gracefully while providing a unique visual surprise of the fall color of the Ginkgos.


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