Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot New Project: Reitnouer Residence

Name: Heather H. Lenkin
Title: President
Firm name: Lenkin Design
Project location: San Marino, CA
How did you first connect with this client?
We were referred to them by their son and daughter-in-law. We renovated their son and daughter in laws home – and their parents loved it.

What were the clients' primary desires for their garden?
They wanted a space that had a good flow for entertaining, in which they could entertain small and large groups. They wanted a pool and jacuzzi, privacy, a very low maintenance garden – an herb garden, and a place to barbeque. They wanted places in which they could sit and enjoy being outside. (Their family room looks out onto this area). The wife had a piece of a holly tree from her grandfather’s that she wanted incorporated into the garden. She loves red – he loves daffodils.

Any interesting obstacles to achieving the dream?
She is 5’10” - he is 6’8” so we had to adjust the heights of everything to relate to them.

What are your favorite elements of the garden?
The garden suits them perfectly – and they love it.
We incorporated a new arbor and swing at the end of the pool. The arbor is tucked into the shade – surrounded by daffodils - and incorporates the holly from the client’s grandfather’s farm. It provides a beautiful restful place from which to sit and enjoy the whole yard. It is also a focal point from the rest of the garden.

What does the client say now that the project is done?
“This is my first garden and I love it”. “Sweeps of color, yellow, and red and white, so beautiful. Heather breathed life into this garden.” “The garden increases my feeling of harmony with my surrounds. You want to go out there, put your mind in neutral, forget any aggravations, and enjoy”.

Photo credit:
Jennifer Cheung and Steven Nilsson


Gloria said...

You created an absolutely ravishing spot and made the existing vegetation come to its best.

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