Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot New Project: Clyde Hill Garden

Name: Randy Allworth
Title: Principal
Firm name: Allworth Design
Project location: Clyde Hill, Washington State

How did you first connect with this client?
We were referred by Rex Hohlbein, the architect who designed the house.

What were the clients' primary desires for their garden?
The couple wanted landscape and architecture that were integrated (designed with the same idea in mind). The site was very open to surrounding homes, so creating privacy while preserving distant views of water and mountains was essential. They wanted a modern landscape that contained water.

Any interesting obstacles to achieving the dream?
Achieving the privacy aspect whilepreserving views required extreme care in plant selection and placement.What are your favorite elements of the garden? The sequence of arrival from the parking, through the entry court, over the water, to the front door is very compelling and joins
landscape and architecture in a very successful way.

What does the client say now that the project is done?
They love it. Other notes: This is a newly installed (summer 2008) project. The entry sequence are the most filled in and photo ready. We are looking forward to posting images of the other
spaces within the overall landscape in Summer of 2009.


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