Thursday, February 19, 2009

Check It Out: Mimetes Anon

At first glance, the Economist Plaza at 25 St. James's Street, London appears empty – the usual centrally positioned sculpture absent. But scanning the perimeter a lone figure is seen to be lurking amongst the passing crowd. To our surprise - or perhaps more to his - a fully grown male chimpanzee is perched ominously upon the southern railing of the space. The chimpanzee is more closely related genetically to humans than to gorillas or other apes, and here we find our closest living cousin sitting within the fabric of this busy urban plaza, quite inconspicuously but resolutely staring back at us.

The piece, a meticulously cast bronze chimpanzee with a photo-realist surface, is by Alastair Mackie, and will be on display until April 19, 2009.


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