Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving the Outdoors INdoors

(Post by guest blogger Anne Robert, founder of

The past few years have been about abolishing the frontier between outdoor and indoor looks and designs. I think it is now commonly accepted that designers have successfully developed a huge selection of items to match both spaces. The next few years will see the rise of a new challenge: allowing those outdoor items to come back indoors and look absolutely spot on. My bet is that this will happen sooner and faster than anticipated.

In the current economy we all feel that any purchase should be an investment even if a little expensive on day one. Outdoor designs are no exception. Just two examples of basic outdoor items all patios or gardens have: Planters and lights

Planters have become stunning statement pieces offered in a zillions shapes, colors, materials and sizes. They were however doomed to stay put once outside because of their weight. This is no longer a challenge. Designers such as are developing pots and planters on wheels that are either apparent or concealed (lower image).

More often, outdoor lighting is incorporated into furniture or pots. The trick here is to pay attention to the materials, as some do not age well outdoors. And, choose more forgiving colors than white. Another good way to make your selections is to go for pieces that are specifically designed as part of an indoor/outdoor collection. I love these very sculptural planters (top) by Italian brand 21 St LIVINGART.

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