Friday, February 26, 2010

Delighted to receive this note from Rick Darke, whom we profiled in the March issue in Groundbreaker:

Truly a handsome magazine. Glad to see you're maintaining high production values. Especially enjoyed the piece on forcing. We arrived home from Asheville to find the Corylopsis (pictured) we'd cut from the garden a week ago in full bloom on our dining room table. I look forward to seeing the image gallery when posted.
Best, Rick
Note: Stay tuned. We're on the verge of posting a lovely gallery of Rick's photos along with his observations.
The story Rick is referring to is called Bringing into Bloom: Spring-flowering trees and shrubs can be pushed to blossom indoors early, written by Jenny Andrews and photographed by Jon Whittle and featured in the March issue of GD. Get a sneak peek with this gallery posted online.


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