Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Italian garden that's good for you, too

Planted between 1875 and 1890 by the renowned German botanist and landscape architect Ludwig Winter, the historic garden at the Borgo Storico Seghetti Panichi is situated on a hill along the valley of the River Tronto, not far from from Ascoli Piceno with spectacular views of the Adriatic coast and the Sibillini mountains.

Winter was an experimenter famed not only for his beautiful designs but also his love of rare tropical plants. Visitors can admire a great variety ‘monumental’ plants – there are trees planted more than 150 years ago, rare species of palm trees and some remarkable examples of exotic Asian plants. Due to the introduction of these rare plants, many bioenergetic areas were designed in the Borgo’s garden, which makes it the first of its kind in Europe.

A bioenergetic garden is a green space, where certain areas offer particular benefits to the surrounding environment. These benefits are produced by the interaction of the natural electromagnetism of the setting with the plants. With the help of an innovative technique therapeutic areas can be identified. These bioenergetic areas take our guests through a natural journey of well-being and relaxation. The beneficial electomagnesium generated has excellent effects on many organs of our body and specifically the liver, heart, stomach and kidneys, but also generally on the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems.


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