Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Check It Out: Outdoor Cushions

Chances are you haven't been going to furniture and accessory trade shows lately. But if you had, you'd know that Kettal is all the rage. In addition to chic furniture, the Spanish company offers 40 fabric colors for outdoor cushions, and a choice of fabrics:

Acrylic fabric: the color is dyed into the fibre, offering up a singular performance that outlasts use and wear.
Three-dimensional polyester fabric: exclusive to the Kettal Maia collection, and solar UV-treated, it is made up of two layers of foam, making it even more comfortable and quick drying.
Porotex textile: : manufactured with polyester thread of high linear density and covered with PVC, the open braiding and the special stuffing mean water runs off and does not soak into the cushion.
Jacquatex fabric: exclusive to the Kettal Atmosphere collection, manufactured using Porotex and with designs by Marcel Wanders.
Chenilletex fabric: fabric designed by Patricia Urquiola, it combines the thickness and feel of acrylic thread with Porotex.

Surely this is what you mean when you say, "I want options!"


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