Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift idea? EasyBloom Plant Sensor

You may think that we Garden Design editors wouldn’t need a technological chip to help us place our plants in the garden or to remember to water indoors. But seriously, we’re busy and can use all the help we can get (ok, I’m speaking for myself).

So I am really excited about this EasyBloom Plant Sensor. Place it anywhere you want to grow a flower, plant, vegetable, herb or tree and it will collect information including light, humidity, temperature and soil conditions. Then it synchs with the Web to tell you exactly what kind of plants will thrive in that location. EasyBloom will also diagnose ailing plants to help you bring them back to life and will give you an instant “chirp” if your plant needs more water.

It retails for $39.95, works with both PC and Mac and is easy to purchase. Find it at,, and


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