Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SFBG announces design competition winner

I was delighted to hear from Michael McKechnie, Executive Director of the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, that they have successfully completed the five-month-long juried design competition for Gondwana Circle. The competition was an open call to artists and designers interested in gardens and public art to create a design exploring the historical significance of Gondwana as it relates to today’s horticultural communities of the Southern Hemisphere.

What or where is Gondwana, you ask? I wondered the same. Basically, it was a continent 200 million years ago that contained most of the landmasses found in the Southern Hemisphere before tectonic movement rearranged the map to the formation we know now.

Says McKechnie, “The geological story of Gondwana plays out significantly at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. We’re one of a handful of public gardens worldwide to have such a significant collection of Southern Hemisphere plants with our extraordinary Chilean, New Zealand, Australian, and South African gardens. These plants tell the story of plant evolution and migration.” The winning design will stand at the intersection where these Southern Hemisphere gardens meet.

And The Winner Is….

“Roving Mass” by Michael Overby and Emma Fuller of New York City, who beat out more than 90 designs submitted from around the world. Click here for the full story.


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