Thursday, July 16, 2009

On The Road: more from Proven Winners

towering papyrus called King TutFrom Jenny Andrews at OFA: "There were also hot new colors of Intensia phlox, Superbells callibrachoa, lobelias, Superbena verbenas, dwarf butterfly bush and pink Hydrangea arborescens‘Oh So Easy’ roses, plus Diascia ‘Flirtation Orange’, Nierembergia ‘Augusta Blue Skies’, and a towering papyrus called ‘King Tut’ [far left] which also proved itself useful for flower arranging.

Another plant of note was the first pink Hydrangea arborescens, called ‘Invincibelle Spirit’, the sales of which will support breast cancer awareness. And a new program called Pop, Drop & Grow [above], hailed as “the 30-second planter,” offering gardeners ready-made plant combos to slip easily into containers for instant gratification (and the liners are biodegradable)."


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