Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Worm: Cotswold Houses

To be released in March of 2009, Cotswold Houses: Stone Houses and Interiors From the English Countryside, a new title from Rizzoli and written by Nicholas Mander, profiles signature houses and their landscapes and interiors from the region, with photos are taken from Country Life magazine.

From the introduction: “The Cotswold Manor House and its setting assumed iconic status in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. At its most potent, it became a symbol of Edwardian nationalism, of the enduring values of ‘Old English’ civilization itself, and of the unquestioned legitimacy of a benevolent gentry class whose values were rooted in the land. This ideal was fostered from the start by Country Life, which was founded in 1897, and the magazine occupies a central place as a pioneer interpreter and forceful advocate of the Cotswold house and its landscape.”


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