Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do It! Jardin Secret de l’Île-de-France

Just outside Paris, almost 90 parks and gardens are ripe for the seeing this spring. From June 6th to 28th, Paris-area parks dress up in their finest for Jardin Secret de l’Île-de-France. The gardens at castles listed as historical monuments, the contemporary gardens, the legendary arboretums, the botanical conservatories, the amazing vegetable gardens, the gardens of amateur collectors, the gardens of artists and writers, the family gardens and shared gardens, the parks and gardens and the protected natural sites--all of these provide a range of diverse and outstanding quality gardens in the Île-de-France region.

One example is Saint-Jean de Beauregard, where you will find everything that made the buildings of the past charming, balanced and diverse. The 17th century vegetable garden with its rare vegetables and successive flowerings of narcissus, irises, peonies, ancient roses and summer flowers reveal a harmony of shapes and colors that change with the seasons. In the garden, you can also see an amazing collection of fragrant plants.

For more highlights, come back to the blog, where I'll be calling out other fabulous gardens in Île-de-France.


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